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Sleep more

Even small amounts of sleep deprivation affect our health, mood, focus and productivity. According to HBR research only 2.5% of people need less that seven hours sleep a night to feel fully rested. And at the other end of the spectrum great performers sleep around eight and half hours out of every 24 including a 20 – 30 minute mid afternoon nap. Sleep is essential for us to process information, consolidate memories, and undergo a number of maintenance processes that help us to function during the day.

The best ways we know to get to sleep are firstly to write down what’s on your mind before you get into bed. And secondly to create a good sleep routine i.e. no devices an hour before bed, going to bed at a set time every night and winding down at least 45 minutes before you go to sleep. Consider a night time ritual like drinking a cup of chamomile tea, listening to relaxing music or reading a relaxing book. 

Chill out and relax to this lovely body scan before you go to bed or when you feel in need of some real R&R.