mBraining the World

Colouring / doodle pages

Many people find mindful colouring / doodling to be a great way to find calmness and autonomic coherence.  So why not print off the images (used with permission) below and find a quiet and safe space.   

Begin with some balanced breathing – approximately six seconds in and six seconds out of whatever is comfortable for you.  As you do so focus on breathing calm into your heart region, then up into your head and back down into your gut.  Then begin colouring with a  gentle focus, flow and ease – with no judgement and curiosity.  Continue to breathe gently and easily as you colour.   Every now and then as you colour take a moment to scan your body. Perhaps you might want to take a few minutes to go ‘meta’ on your colouring  – to gaze with soft focus at what you have created and ask yourself what is the art of your art?  What is it saying to you about the colours and textures you have been using?  What does your heart truly feel about the drawing and your experience of it?   What does your head truly think and perceive?  What does your gut deeply engage with?  Then soften back into the intuitive flow experience of colouring.  Remember there is no right way to do this – colouring mindfully is an end in itself. 

Feel free to print off and use these images (used with permission) and get in touch if you have ideas for more!