mBraining the World

Mother Earth


And breathe… as the world breathes

Deeply and evenly

In and out

Breathing in calmness

And breathe out

Letting go

Of what was

To allow for what will be

Release stress



This is a time of letting go

As we heal

As the earth heals

As humanity heals



Relax your shoulders

Open your chest

Breathe into that area around your heart

And truly connect

Connect with you

What is important

What is true

What is heartfelt


Breathe in gratitude


For what you have

For who you have

Your relationships



For those we have lost

For those we have found

For those who are fighting

And for those who cannot



Breathe Compassion

For you

For others

For the planet

For nature that is healing


Breathe in love

Love for you

For your family

For others who need it

For those who are close

And others far away

For all that you hold dear

For all of the memories you cherish

Keep them safe in your heart


Just breathe….


Love for Mother Earth

As she heals


The lungs of our planet

Movement of the trees

The tides of the sea




As animals explore

Nature resumes

As the earth heals

And breathe


Breathe into your head

Know all that you know

For what you knew

For what was real

Everything that you have learned

And all that has guided you

Acknowledge your thoughts

The decisions you have made

That has led you to now

Really knowing

Look towards the future

As the earth heals

As nature restores

And Mother Earth breathes

Deeply and Evenly

The possibilities ahead

It’s time for forgiving

For accepting

For allowing

For creating new ways of being

Better ways of living

Kinder ways of helping

Gentle ways of serving

Allowing a new curiosity


As we respect others





Different opinions

Different views

Finding new harmonies

Exploring each other

Nurturing ourselves

And our planet


We are all connected

As we breathe

Breathe deeply

Moving down

Deeply connecting

With who we are

Our very being

Deep inside

Protecting us

Nurturing us

That deep sense of knowing

Our instincts

Our intuitions

Who we deeply are

Who we are becoming

Who we will be

Moving forwards

Keeping us safe


Breathe in kindness


Nurturing your soul

Deeply being

Deeply forgiving imperfections

Others imperfections


Letting go of hurt

Letting go of all that no longer serves us

Finding a deep sense of peace

And listen

Quietly listening

Listening to our very core




Letting newness emerge

Exploring new ways of being

New ways of doing

New ways of behaving

That will keep us connected

Keeping us real

Allowing us to be true

Finding our inner voice

Authentic ways of expressing


Discover our courage

To live with compassion

To bring creativity

To truly nurture our world

And all that live with us on the planet


Moving forwards




Building our communities

Spreading kindness

Taking care of Mother Nature

Protecting Mother Earth